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“Naming” is the creative process by which a brand is named, either companies, products or services.

Today, in the face of a market that is increasingly saturated with competitive brands, it has become a complex and decisive task to establish a strong brand architecture to position itself successfully.

The name has a fundamental role in this strategy. It is key in the brand identity, the first impression in front of the users, for that reason it must meet certain conditions. It must be consistent, attractive, original, memorable, easy to pronounce, available for registration, among other characteristics.

The creation of the name must go hand in hand with the values, attributes, experiences and emotions that the brand wishes to convey and they will become the identity of the brand.

Creating a good name is the beginning of a good brand.

What does it cover?

  • Brand architecture
  • Taglines
  • Claim
  • Brand Keys

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